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The Survival Story of Portia Cambric


As in most stories of domestic violence Portia didn't think her situation was normal but she felt her abuser was all she had to depend on.  Portia just like most women would just let him argue with himself trying not to escalate the situation but then he would get more angry because in his mind she wasn't paying him any attention.  Domestic violence is truly about control over one person from another.  Portia said I left him trying to remove myself from that situation but that didn't work.  He would break into her new house when she wasn't there and would destroy her things all in an attempt to continue to control her and to get her to come back.  As we all know these abusers have ways of tracking down their victims.  Portia left and moved to another state and yet he still tracked her down.  Portia felt that the growing aggression from her abuser would just get worse and worse and ultimately she would probably be killed.  Portia moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family and once again he was in pursuit.  


He would walk the streets in the area he thought she lived and was looking for a particular baby stroller she owned, thinking if he found that then he believed he would find her.  He continued to make threats and even threatened to bring harm to her children or other relatives if she didn't come back to him.  Portia admitted it wasn't until the tragic death of a childhood friend in her situation that she gained the strength to move on and not look  back.  She said "My life and my children's life became more relevant through that tragedy of her friend."  When asked did she have prior knowledge that he was abusive and Portia replied not until he pulled a gun on me then I knew the real reason his daughter's mother left him.  Her life was just not the life she had growing up because she said she didn't know anything about abuse growing up.   


She moved into a shelter which was tough and she lost the respect of her children who at the time were 12 and 8yrs old because they believed she would just keep going back putting them in harms way.  When asked how did you manage to get away because leaving is the most critical time for a victim.  Portia told us he was incarcerated on things unrelated to their situation.  Being that they have a child together he is still in contact with their child and yes still abusive.  When he calls on the phone tells her no one will ever want her and in the same breathe says so I guess we are not going to work this out! Portia says as if there is anything to workout.  Not all stories end like Portia's.  Women are often killed when their abuser is as aggressive as hers.  Thank God she was able to find a man who treats her and her children with respect and is even talking about getting married one day.  Walking In Her Shoes salutes you and we continue to pray that you and your family keep on moving forward.  As our slogan says "No One Has A Right To Love You To Death" and thank God he didn't.  My God Is GoOD Yall!